Company introduction

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service(CIRS) is a leading product safety management consulting firm providing valued product regulatory compliance service, tailored solutions and original information to help our clients gain competitive advantage by reducing business risks associations with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.
With its headquarter based in Hangzhou of China and offices or laboratories located in Ireland, Nanjing, and Ningbo, CIRS utilizes its technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services such as chemical notifications, global GHS compliance, pesticides and biocides registration, cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration, medical device registration, food and food-related products compliance services, testing, regulatory update monitoring and training service. 

Commitment: Dedicated to protect Human Health and the Environment.
Service Philosophy: Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility, Sustainability.
Consultants need to be creative enough to be able to solve all kinds of complex issues efficiently in terms of both time and costs. We keep our clients’ interests in mind and think for them in advance by providing tailored and innovative solutions through our scientific knowledge and team work.

Every client is important to us and deserves great respect. We act honestly to provide the best services we can in hope that we can get the same respect from our client. 

We understand the importance of achieving regulatory compliance & of protecting our clients business interests. We keep this in our mind all the time when helping our clients reduce business risks and gain market advantage.
Sustainability is not just a word. We truly believe that sustainable development is the only solution to today’s environmental and health issues. We also look forward to building long-term partnerships with our clients and to growing our success together.

Our Services

  •  Chemical Notification

EU REACH Only Representative (OR)
EU REACH Late Pre-registration
EU REACH Registration (Lead Registration & Joint Submission)
China New Substance Notification
China Hazardous Chemical Registration
TSCA Compliance Services
Chemical Notification in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, etc.

  • Global GHS Compliance Services

Chinese SDS and Labeling
EU CLP SDS and Labeling
Japanese and Korean SDS and Labeling
Chemical Consumer Products Labeling Review
24h Emergency Telephone Number Service
GHS in Other Countries or Regions, e.g. USA, Taiwan, Brazil, etc.


  • Agrochemicals and Biocides Regulatory Services

Pesticide Registration in China
Disinfectant Registration in China
Drinking Water Related Product Registration in China
Pesticide Registration in EU, USA and Brazil, etc.
EU BPR Regulatory compliance Services

  • Regulatory compliance of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients

SFDA Registration of Cosmetic in China
Registration of New Cosmetic Ingredient in China
Cosmetic Notifications in EU
Toxicology Safety Assessment
Review of Product Formula and Label
Customs Clearance Assistance
Registration of Cosmetic in Other Countries or Regions(Korea, ASEAN, etc.)

  • Registration of Medical Devices in China

 Preparation and Verification of Product Registration Standard
Medical Device Registration Testing Service
Development of Clinical Protocols and Coordination of Clinical Trials
Medical Device Customs Clearance
Verification and Submission of Medical Device Advertisement
Application of Operation License for Medical Devices

  •  Food and Food-related Products Compliance in China 

Registration of New Food Contact Additives
Migration Tests for Food Contact Materials
Registration of New Food Additive or Food Raw Material
Labeling and Testing Service of Pre-packaged Food in China
Registration of Dietary Supplement(Functional food) in China
Registration of Overseas Manufacturer of Diary Products.
Labeling and Testing Service of Dairy Product in China
Genetically Modified Product Detection Service
Food Pesticide Residue Testing.
Customs Clearance Assistance.

  • Testing Services

GLP Testing Service Agency
China Eco-toxicology
 In-vitro Testing
Alternative Methods
Hazardous Chemical Testing

  • Other Service

Regulatory Update Monitoring
Regulatory Compliance Assessment
Supply Chain Information Management
Training Service
IT System Development